Announcing two Small Star Empires Expansions:

The Galactic Divide and Dawn of Discoveries


After decades of colonization, the spacefaring races have finally come to the moment where even their own colonized space is not enough. Tensions are rising as each civilization tries to force its agenda upon the crowded galaxy and fortify their position. Although different technologies are developed in the past years such as different drives, weapons and modules, no-one really knows if these technologies will be used to do harm or good.

In order to flourish as a civilization you will need to build research stations to gather minerals and use their powerful properties to research technologies which will enable you to make special movements and colonize previously uninhabitable systems such as wormholes. You will also need to build massive battle stations for protection and gaining war power which you will use to play your unique faction abilities. Finally, use all of these powerful assets together to prevail over the other factions and dominate the galaxy!

Coming to Kickstarter Spring 2018!