Wow, what a great first week this was!

We started with a great event for the launching of the Kickstarter campaign for Small Star Empires last Saturday (March 12th), which was held at Public Room in Skopje, Macedonia. There were plenty of people there, friends, family, board gamers, supporters etc. All of them had a good time as I clicked the Launch button on the first Macedonian board game on Kickstarter.

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In the meantime during this past week, I did everything I can to spread the word around to people. I also enjoyed some well deserved breaks with friends as we played a couple of games:



On Friday, March 21 I also visited my former high-school. I wrote a post about it in The Boardgame Group on facebook and I’m going to paste it here:

“Today I went to my high-school and good memories really came back. I literally had stage fright when I got there since I haven’t visited it for a long time and I was really happy to be there.

Anyway, besides me reminiscing about high-school, my intention was to go and show the young kids my first game Small Star Empires and to encourage them to think more creatively and not to be afraid to take chances (especially because of the bad situation in my country). They really heard what I had to say and they had so many questions and I had so much fun answering them.

Afterwards, we got to play several games of Small Star Empires. It was so fun watching them bicker among themselves in the game and it was evident they were really enjoying it. Hopefully I’m coming back really soon there so I can teach more kids about board games and the culture in general.”




We also held the monthly¬†Board Game Day at our FLGS Goblin Games, where among other games, I got the chance to play the second upcoming game “Cavern Tavern” from the friends Final Frontier Games.





So back to the campaign, we are now at 95% of the funding goal with around 300 backers, which is great! Hopefully we will get funded in the next day or so and preparations have already started on doing the real prototypes with our producer.

Thanks for reading and supporting us, share the word around (link: so we can unlock some of the stretch goals!