Hi guys! Ana here!

I’m sure you’ve heard about the cancellation. We believe it was a necessary move. You can read more details on the Kickstarter update page here.

But let’s not focus on the past and look ahead towards the future. We noticed that many loved the game and were eager to see it happen. We were really glad that we attracted an ambitions audience and we know that there are many others out there who didn’t know about this game, but would have had the same positive attitude.

So, what’s next?


Gameplay Improvements

The team began working on the suggested improvements from the Kickstarter comment section the second we all agreed upon the cancellation. We began working on the solo-player mode that many people requested and also began working on the 4-player free-for-all mode  (in addition to the previously proposed 2 vs 2 teamplay mode). Therefore we need to balance these mechanics and test them with players, in order to streamline the game with the new additions as much as possible.

Prototype solo mode cards (in development)


Ambassador Program

One of the things we already announced is the Ambassador Program. By participating in our Ambassador program as a playtester, teacher, proofreader or translator, you can help us by sharing the love for the games we make with people around the world! Click on the image below to see more info and register on our program.


Click on the image to join our ambassador program!


Last, but not least we love our backers! Therefore, people who will be pledging in the returning campaign will receive a special surprise¬†from Archona Games. What will that be? We’re not sure yet. We really appreciate you guys and we really want to make you feel special. Because you are!

Game on,
Ana, Archona Games.