Before the launch of Galactic Warlords, we were considering the idea of adding few other unit types into the game later on as an expansion/stretch goals. So, we decided that we will be removing the Commanders from the base game for the relaunch, as they were already a really complex enough mechanic for a base game to have and we also hope that we may be able to offer a better price for you for the game. But don’t worry, we will be offering them as an additional expansion! Now, in order to compensate for the removal of the Commanders, and to retain the streamlined gameplay of the base game, we decided that we will include 2 other unit types, which have a really simple gameplay mechanics, but add a lot to the experience and theme of the game.


Behold, the Heavy Machinery of the Galactic Warlords!


(Concept sketches by Txe Mico)


Their rules are really simple – the Tanks are used to increase your chances of winning a battle by adding additional dice, while the Aircraft can be used either as a Bomber when playing the Bombard action to give an additional damage to units you are bombarding or as a “Transport and Support” unit in a battle, for which you will receive a re-roll on your dice and the ability to deploy on any planet on the board.

This means that sometimes you will want to use your tanks in order to storm through a planet that is very important for you to, but it is guarded by strong opponent army, and the aircraft’s versatility will enable you to be sure on the dice side of the combat as well as offer you better chances when bombarding enemy units.

As it is obvious, adding these units in the game will certainly change some of the gameplay, but we were careful enough to make them change it only a bit, so the game still retains the same core gameplay as before.

Because of this, the player boards may suffer a bit of change as well to make room for the “heavy machinery” on the board itself. We are considering adding hangars and tank depots so you can place your units in the slots there. It will look cool, I promise! 🙂

Which tank/aircraft is your favourite?

Since it is not viable for us to make 4 different tanks and aircraft for each player for the base game and all of the concepts look awesome to all of us, we would like your feedback on which vehicle concept looks best to you for both units, so we can start work on the 3d models! We ask you to go to the link below and vote on which tank and aircraft looks best to you, and of course feel free to comment and cheer for your favourite concept!

Here’s the voting link:

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Thank you for reading this and for your vote!
– Milan