Hi guys! Ana here!

Aniventure Comic Con was a blast! The Archona Games team had an amazing weekend. We presented and unveiled the new artwork and improved gameplay for Galactic Warlords, played (A LOT!) of Small Star Empires, tested out some new games and prototypes from neighboring tables and unleashed our inner fanboys.

It was a pleasure introducing the games to every curious visitor, playing with them, teaching them how to play. It was awesome seeing so many people being interested in our games, and most of them returning, in order to play another time.

Work aside, the Archona Games team had the opportunity to have fun outside our stand. We were amazed from all the amazing cosplays from the visitors; the chance to meet a lot of wonderful exhibitors; witnessed art in the making by watching a lot of graffiti artists redecorating the facade of the Expo; saw some new gadgets from companies we know; watched a live tournament taking place; and even had the chance to play around with props from the cosplayers and the exhibitors.

Overall we received a lot of positive feedback on the new game and gained inspiration for our upcoming games.

Here are some pictures from this wonderful weekend. Next stop: Essen Spiel ’17!


For more images, visit our Facebook album.

Game on,
Ana, Archona Games.

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