In physics, power is the rate of doing work, the amount of energy transferred per unit time. But in The Galactic Divide, it’s your main resource that you collect, in order to power up your unique civilization abilities. Choose the right moment to place your Battle Stations around enemy units.

In The Galactic Divide, the game revolves around the Power mechanic, a resource, once collected it’s used to activate your faction abilities. How do you get Power and why should you?

Power is gained by placing a Battle Station around the board. The Battle Stations are new miniatures that work similarly to the Trade Stations from the base game. They do not provide you with extra points at the end of the game, yet they provide you immediately with Power.

Place you Battle Stations on strategic locations and gain Power from adjacent opponent systems. At this point, you gain 2 Power per each enemy colony and 1 Power for every other structure like Trade Stations and Research Stations.

Gathered Power is counted on the right side of each Player Board, with a maximum capacity of 8. Meaning that you’ll need to pay close attention on how much Power you collect, since your Power Track is quite limited. Additionally, you gain Power from using your abilities. If you take a closer look, between the ability costs, there is a number with the Power symbol next to it. Meaning that once you have matched the levels of both abilities, you gain back some additional Power.

That’s it for the Power mechanic, stay tuned for the mechanic overview in the second expansion Dawn of Discoveries.

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