Greetings Warlords,

So finally, we have some new information for you!

We have received the manufacturer sample of the game yesterday! We should have received it 2 weeks ago, but the manufacturer or the UPS service they used, somehow wrote down a wrong address, and the sample was sent to South Africa, luckily the UPS service corrected the error and just resent it to Archona HQ in Skopje, so here it is!

Take a look at some of the photos and we will get down to the other details afterwards:


Box print colors look great! We are only considering using another type of paper possibly matte, but we will consult with the manufacturer and see which will be the best quality option.


Card print also looks great! Colors are consistent and popping. Paper can be better, and we will see with the manufacturer if we can increase paper quality (I’m sure we can). Also, please note that the cutting of these sample cards is done by hand, since they don’t setup the die-cuts for samples, but the cards will look even better when cut in production.


Miniatures look fantastic! This is a 3d printed sample which they will use to create the molds for the minis. The detail is amazing, and we are positive that the plastic minis will turn out great!

Punchboards and ships

Punchboards with planets and other cardboard components look great as well! We just need to make the right size of the planets for the tracks, we somehow miscalculated the size for the sample, and we will correct that error. Planets look great!


With the sample we received the Retail edition of the dice for Galactic Warlords and they look fantastic! Check the image yourselves:

The manufacturer was having a bit of difficulty getting down the deluxe dice set, but we were assured we will have a picture of the dice this next Monday, and they will send them afterwards for us to check.

Galaxy board and player boards

These look solid as well! Please bear in mind that the sample copy components are not the same quality as the production components so these will look even more awesome! Check them out!

So that’s it! We hope you like what you are seeing here and are excited to receive your games! So, as far as the schedule goes, here’s what we expect:

With this delay that we had, we will most probably start production before the end of April, which makes it that the games should be complete around beginning of June, if all goes well and without other delays.

So that puts us for delivery of the games from China to fulfillment centers around August, and then after we start sending out the games, you should be receiving them around September. Of course, we will keep an open line and inform you of any other events that may lead to change the schedule a bit, but we are not expecting anything else to happen.

Small Star Empires + Expansions are currently on Kickstarter!

Also, if you haven’t heard, we currently have another KS for our first published game Small Star Empires this time with expansions! Check it out here: and spread the word around for the campaign!

Note that all of the backers that pledged for The Galaxy Pack on the Galactic Warlords campaign, will receive the 2nd edition of the game!

Cheers and hope you are happy with this update!
– Milan