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We have shared all of the Civilization Boards in social media, but it’s time to have a more detailed overview of what they do and how do they get things done in outer space. We have four civs that decided to participate in The Galactic Divide. Whether they have been drawn into the conflict by force or have joined the Divide voluntarily, all these civilizations have one goal; to gain the most advantage from the board and score the most points.

The Hantal’Ar Empire

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We’ll start off with the Hantal’Ar Empire. They are an aggressive race that aim to destroy and conquer and take advantage of the other civilizations they take down, using their lust for power to their aid.

Players can choose to play two quite aggressive Abilities, those being Battleships and Galactic Conquest. The first Ability allows players to damage other players’ Ships when they are adjacent to the current position of any of your Ships. For each damaged ship, you gain 2 Points. The starting cost is 2 Power (more information on Power gathering can be found here). The end cost is 3, meaning that it’s a pretty cheap, yet quite effective Ability. The second Ability is Galactic Conquest. A quite scary ability, which allows you to destroy other people’s Colonies. If a non-nebula Colony is adjacent to at least two of your systems, you may destroy it, and get 2 Points for it at the end of the game.


Pern Conglomerate

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The Pern Conglomerate are a more strategic faction, dependant on positioning of Trade Stations at the right place and at the right time. Their abilities, Galactic Corporation and Trade Ships both around a similar mechanic to the Trade Stations. This android trading conglomerate can replace their Trade Stations with Colonies and score one point for every adjacent system that is under opponent’s control or just score after moving their Ship to a clustered area.

This civilization aims to get stuck where there’s conflict, so they can gain more profit. They want other Civilizations to depend on them during the Divide. During the early game phases they depend on positioning, so they can simply later on swap into better regions where control has been established by other players.


Oranor Union

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Peace through unity, the motto and the main philosophy of the Oranor Union. This civilization is quite mobile and very flexible when it comes to moving around the board. They score valuable points by jumping around the board and flying over other players’ systems. The Unity Ships ability grants them one point for every opponent system they have passed during the jump. Their second ability, called Galactic Union allows them to bend one of the core rules of Small Star Empires by placing their own colony on a system under another player’s control, if that system is occupied by a Colony and is adjacent to at least two of their own systems.

Similarly to the Pern Conglomerate, their abilities are of higher value some time between mid and late game. Time your turns, assess the situation and make long distance jumps over other player’s systems to score many points. It might seem as if they have little influence on the field, but a nicely executed hyperspace jump can bring you many points and turn the tides of the conflict to your favor.


Tollaran Republic

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Last, but not least we have the Tollaran Republic. A highly area controlling civilization that aims on spreading around as much and as fast as they can on the board. Unless taken down or surrounded, this faction has the highest chance of spending their structures first. Their two Abilities revolve around increasing their areas either around their current position of their ships or around their Homeworld System.

By using the Growing Federation ability, the Tollarans are fortifying the territory adjacent to their Homeworld by scoring one point for every tile they control around it, and colonizing an empty tile once that is done. Other than solidifying their home, they can increase their area control surrounding their Ships. After moving a Ship, you can use the Annex Territories ability, which allows you to place Colonies around your ship on Planetary Systems with a total planet amount of 3. Meaning that, if there are currently multiple Planetary Systems around your Ship you can colonize as many of them so long as they have a total of 3 planets between them. For example, you can colonize three Planetary Systems with one planet, one Planetary System with three planets, or two Planetary Systems, one with a single planet, and the other with two planets.




A new civilization recently unlocked through a Kickstarter Stretch Goal (thank you!), that has entered the conflict a bit later than the rest, but has a couple of ancient tricks hidden under their sleeves, the Dareas Of Adun. Unlike the others, there’s a bit of a twist when it comes to their abilities. Not only do they have a pair of great unique abilities, they cannot use them the same amount of time as other players can.

The first Ability allows you to relocate your Colonies from one place to another. The thing that makes this Ability amazing, is the fact that it doesn’t depend on where your Ship currently is, meaning you can easily Colonize three-planetary Systems without getting into direct conflict with the others.

You will notice that their second ability Efficient Explorers, allows them to move Two Ships in one turn, but they can only use this ability three times. The ability is a bit costly, however when and if properly used, it could be an epic game changer for the player controlling this Civilization.

What’s also important, is that these Abilities can be very well combined with Dawn Of Discoveries, where you gather Minerals to develop Technologies.

So, what do you think? What seems to be your favourite civilization thus far? Let us know in the comments!

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