We are very pleased and excited to share the news for our upcoming title, which will come soon to Kickstarter!

Roma Magna – Coming soon on Kickstarter!

You are summoned by the Roman Emperor to hear his great plans for expansion. He wants you to found the next great Roman city which will bring glory to the Roman Empire!

Carefully plan your new city and efficiently connect neighborhoods by combining symbols to gain valuable resources! Spend coins and employ population to build magnificent monuments! Use legions to conquer distant lands for the Emperor! Produce valuable luxuries to use for scoring points! Gain the Will of the Gods and use it to empower your city! Glory is within your grasp!

Build the greatest Roman cities and bring glory to Rome in this tile-placement, city builder board game for 1-4 players!

With game design by the aspiring designer Matteo De Nardis, development by the fantastic duo of Kai Starck (Scythe: The Wind Gambit) and Thomas Nielsen (together known as K&T Game Design) and art by our familiar and talented artist Jose David Lanza Cebrian, we hope to bring you a fantastic family friendly city builder game to your table!

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Follow the development

If you want to follow the development of the project more closely as well as participate in discussions and ideas for the game, you can join our Roma Magna Facebook Group.

We are very excited about this game and we hope we can count on your support to make it a reality!

With much love,
– Milan and Archona Games

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