Our once great Empire was struck by a devastating plague… Will you answer the call to save it?

Once standing tall and great, we now need to rediscover and rebuild our fallen cities. There are still survivors among the ruins – we must take them in our care and cure them.

In order to stay ahead of the plague, we must implement new inventions and technologies. Our influence will expand as we rebuild, but the plague will still lurk in the shadows, ready to strike when we least expect it. Once it does, it will be difficult to adapt, but we will survive. In addition to the procurement of important resources, our imperative will be to get the plague under control.

Fight against the cataclysmic plague and rebuild the once fallen empire in this strategic euro board game.

Competitive Euro Game | Action Selection | Resource Management | Engine Building | 2-5 Players

Join more than 3.600 plague doctors and help us save the Empire from the plague!

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  • Each round, reveal a Pest card to determine where the plague will strike that round. Always be ready for surprises!

  • After that, reveal an Aid card to see which of the houses will receive help from the Empire by granting it much needed resources to fight off the devastating plague.
  • On your turn, place your Assistants on your action grid to play a combination of two actions. The action grid offers many different combos of actions, so choose your actions wisely in to be the most efficient on your turns.
  • Send your expert plague doctor across the vast Empire to setup containment camps, gather sick people and shelter them in your city’s quarantine, all for the benefit of the Empire.

  • Help those that suffer from the plague and cure those people to reintroduce them in your healthy population. 

  • Construct buildings on the map to restore the fallen cities and rebuild people’s homes and infrastructure.

  • Each building costs a certain amount of lumber and stone to construct.

  • Once you construct a building, you will gain influence with the Council depending on where you constructed it.

  • Manage your workforce and assign your healthy population to work in your constructed buildings or send them as diplomats in the capital city so they can influence the Council and bring you additional benefits.

  • Put your brightest minds to work and research innovative technologies that will increase the efficiency of your house to contain the plague and bring you glory.  

  • And finally, complete the agendas and imperatives set forth by the Empire’s Council to further help the efforts to rebuilding the Empire and gain your well deserved influence and renown.

  • At the end of the game, the player that did the most good for the Empires is proclaimed the Hero of the Empire and the winner of the game!

Rulebook: English

Road Event Cards Rulebook: English

Rulebook: German

Road Event Cards Rulebook: German