Thokaian Empire
Thokaia Imperianis (Thokaian)
Fasig Thokai Hansi (Calandian)

Location: Gerin Joining

Capital: Ansititum

Government type: Confederal feudal elective absolute monarchy

Empress: Saldana Minarri

Common Languages: Thokaian, Calandian, Bressin

Population: 42,000,000

Currency: Thokar, Calandar

The Thokaian Empire, commonly referred to as Thokaia, is a large empire that encompasses the Gerin Joining.

Much of the Thokaian Empire was ravaged by the cataclysmic event known as Pest.


The foundations of the Thokaian Empire were laid when Sarona and Keiland were separate kingdoms. After many years of war and bloodshed between the kingdoms, King Kaistarck of Sarona and King Thomsen of Keiland sat down at the negotiating table, set aside their differences, and finally forged a truce in 782 ADK. Both kings had a vision of the future in which no more wars would be waged and thus established the Thokaian Empire as a guarantee for peace in the region.

Since then, the Thokaian Empire has prospered, and it has become one of the greatest empires in the world.