Archona Games is a board game studio founded by Milan Tasevski at the beginning of 2015. What started as a one-man team, expanded into a three-man zone defense with Vladimir Trajcevski and Ivo Neskovic joining to help create the first Macedonian original board game – Small Star Empires.

As big fans of board games and the culture, they are committed to spreading the board game geek ways into the world, and plant the seeds of future board game fans and fanatics. Vladimir is the owner of the only Friendly Local Gaming Store in Macedonia – Goblin Games, which was founded almost 15 years ago. Ivo is a passionate gamer and has worked in the video game industry for quite some time (he also haz the most gamez). Milan, besides designing Small Star Empires and other games that will hopefully see the light of the day soon, is the owner of the Board Games portal –, written in Macedonian, in the hopes of better spreading the culture and the fun side of board games into the country.

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