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“Freight on Board” is the new mini-expansion for Small Railroad Empires in which players will be able to export containers of goods with the boat in port!

When a player delivers a good with their train route, if they match the good displayed on the Boat card, they will be able to place their own container there. When the boat is full, it will sail away to export those goods, and the player that put the most containers on that boat will win the export and gain Prestige!

All that, plus a gorgeous looking playmat will be available on this Kickstarter campaign!

Small RAILROAD Empires

Construct railroad tracks, connect factories with cities, make deliveries with your trains, earn profits and prestige, complete achievements and become the most prosperous railroad empire!



Small Railroad Empires is a pickup and deliver, route building and set collection board game for 1-4 players.

In this game, players play as the owners of emerging train delivery companies, striving to build a vast infrastructure of railways to connect the booming industry of the country with the sprawling cities – and earn some profit while at it!

To expand their railway network, players will construct tracks on the board each turn. Once a player has connected a factory with a city, they can deliver a good from that factory to the city, by placing a train meeple on the city, and playing a train card. Depending on the length of the track, the player will earn Money and Prestige.

Additionally, players will race to complete achievements to earn some well deserved extra Prestige!

Finally, at the end of the game, the player with the most prestige wins!

1-4 Players, 13+ Ages, 30-60 min.

Game and Graphic Design, Art: Milan Tasevski


Small Railroad Empires features a simple ruleset which allows the players to immediately get into building their train delivery empire. The Achievement system also provides great replayability factor because it gives the players different objectives to aim for each game.


  • 4 x Map Tiles
  • 92 x Tracks (23 per player)
  • 32 x Train Meeples (8 per player)
  • 28 x Disc Markers (7 per player)
  • 20 x Custom Resources (5 of each type)
  • 4 x Player Boards
  • 32 x Train Cards
  • 12 x Achievement Cards
  • 8 x Contract Cards
  • 12 x Loan Cards
  • 34 x Solo Mode Cards
  • 1 x Score Board
  • 1 x Industry Board
  • 1 x Starting Player Token
  • 24 x City and Factory Tokens (Variant)
  • 16 x Rural Town Tokens  (Variant)


Deluxe Tracks sets are also available. These replace the standard Tracks found in the core game and have custom shape for more immersive player experience.




Expansions for Small Railroad Empires are also available!

Red company

Expansion for Small Railroad Empires featuring 5th player pieces, and some bonus components!


Scenario pack 1

Expansion for Small Railroad Empires featuring Scenario Maps of:
United States, Europe, Germany and the United Kingdom.


Scenario pack 2

Expansion for Small Railroad Empires featuring Scenario Maps of:
Australia, Canada, France and Italy.



Each turn you will construct 2 tracks on the board, thus expanding your railroad network.

Depending over what kind of terrain you will construct your tracks on, you will be required to pay different amount of Money.

When you connect a factory with a city, you can make a delivery if the factory produces a good that the connected city demands.

To make a delivery, place a Train Meeple in the city where you make the delivery. You will then earn Profit and Prestige, according to how long your track is.

The longer the track, the more Profits and Prestige you will receive once you make the delivery!

Additionally, you must also play a train card from your hand. If you have fulfilled the card’s condition, you can earn extra Prestige.

Finally, if you are eligible to complete an Achievement, you can do so before your opponents claim the 1st place of an Achievement Card and score extra Prestige!

Solo mode

Play solo against the Great Steam Conglomerate and try to take your railroad empire to the top! The AI in the solo mode uses their own cards which will determine where they will build their tracks and which cities they will like connected.

Scenario map Gameplay

The scenario packs offer even more thematic gameplay – Depending on which map you are playing, you will have additional new achievements, which are map specific!


Small railroad Empires Rules: Multilanguage (English, Italian, German, French, Spanish)

Red Company Rules: Multilanguage

Scenario Pack 1 Rules: Multilanguage

Scenario Pack 2 Rules: Multilanguage

Small Railroad Empires FAQ

Industry Boom Tokens Sheet


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“I just really genuinely enjoyed sitting down and playing this one! There are things and puzzles that I wanna solve and it scratched a really nice itch!“

Jesse Samuel Anderson, Quackalope

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“Cute little trains, gorgeous artwork, very easy rules, so strategic!

Danijel Ljubas, Life of a Board Gamer

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“Networking, pickup and deliver, train game, all in one nice lovely package.

Vangelis Kefalas,


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