Archona Games is proud to announce that Small Railroad Empiresyet another game in the “Small Empires” collection is coming to Kickstarter on April 15th!

Small Railroad Empires is a pickup and deliver, route building and set collection board game where 2-4 players compete to become the owners of the most prestigious railway delivery company in the world!

A game of Small Railroad Empires is player in turns, and during their turn, each player must place 2 tracks on the board, thus building their track network. When a player connects a factory with a city, they can make a delivery using a train meeple and train card from their hand to fulfill that city’s demand by sending a corresponding good from the factory. Depending on how long the route is, players will earn different amount of profits, and this means the longer the route, the more the profits and prestige! And finally, if a player has completed an achievement on their turn, they can earn additional prestige if they are the first to complete it!

Finally, the game ends after all players have placed their tracks on the board, thus completing their railway network. Additional prestige from achievements is calculated and the player with the most prestige is the winner!

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About Archona Games

Archona Games is a board game design studio and publisher coming from Skopje, Macedonia, founded by Milan Tasevski in 2015. They have 4 successful Kickstarters under their belt: Small Star Empires, Galactic Warlords, 2nd Edition of Small Star Empires with several expansions and their newly successful campaign for Small Samurai Empires, which had over 1300 backers. They are one of the two successful publishers coming from the small country of Macedonia, with their games reaching international markets and fairs. Currently, besides Small Railroad Empires, they are working on new titles to be released in 2020, with more information coming soon.

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