House Holisar
Han Holisar (Calandian)

Great House



Banner of House Holisar

Ahasir, Holisar’s Seat


House Holisar is considered the richest house in the Thokaian Empire, and the main contributor to the empire’s treasury. Their main expertise is trading, managing more than half of the markets found throughout the empire.


The house rose to power in 1023, when Emperor Khalas unexpectedly abdicated the throne, and appointed his son Salmar as heir to the throne. In defiance of this decision, Khalas’ eldest son Sizion II, left the castle and moved to Ahasir, where he founded House Holisar. Since Sizion II had lots of connections with the upper class of the empire, they donated and helped to make Holisar the richest house in the empire. With the help of his uncle, Yukkog III, Sizion II started building markets around the empire. He would buy land from poor people, transform it into a lush marketplace and gave the job to the person he bought the land from. With these actions, Sizion II made House Holisar one of the favourite houses among the people of the empire.


At the beginning of The Pest, they promised to help the empire by donating large sums of their fortune, which would be used to finance the battle against the plague. They also pledged their support with importing ore and lumber from other kingdoms, thus helping the rebuilding effort of the empire.


Notable Members

  • Sizion II (founder)
  • Garilia (wife of Sizion II)
  • Erathal III (nephew of Sizion II)
  • Sizion VI (current house leader and son of Erathal)
  • Kostral (notable house physician)
  • Jogu (construction master)