Ancient legends spoke of asteroids rich with minerals. For centuries, Tollaran scientists have wandered the galaxy to find them. After numerous missions and countless exploration probes, hope was almost lost. Luckily, the minerals within the asteroids radiated a very low, yet specific frequency, which was finally identified. These minerals, once harvested, could be used in the development of space exploration technology such as advanced hyperspace drives, repair drones and advanced weaponry. 

In Dawn of Discoveries, the main focus of the expansions revolves around Minerals and Technologies. Players compete to gather as many minerals as they can, so they can develop Technology cards, which will allow them to take special actions and to maneuver their ships in a unique way. Trust us, you might want to sit down for this report, as great discoveries are on their way.

There are three types of Minerals on the field, red, green and white, which are found on one planet system tiles (thank Tollaran scientists for making your job a lot easier). Aim to combine the Mineral colors, so you can develop the Technologies that are currently available in the Market.

At setup, place 1 random Mineral from the bag and place it on all of the single Planet systems on the Board. Once colonized, the mineral is your to take. However, as the game progresses you’ll need to find an alternative method in generating more Minerals. 

This is where your Research Stations come in handy. Once you place a Research Station, anywhere on the field, you place a randomly selected Mineral from the Mineral Bag. So what did you exactly do now?

You just allowed the first Player, who colonizes a tile adjacent to your Research Station to collect the Mineral you are currently researching. Yes, you did help out an opponent there, but little do they know, you have lured them into a trade they cannot refuse, because for every opponent that colonizes a tile adjacent to your Research Station you gain a random Mineral from the bag. The more opponents colonize the systems around your Research Station, the more Minerals you will gain!

Once you have the Minerals required, you may develop a Technology by trading your Minerals for a card from the Technology Market. Each Tech Card allows you to perform a special action, ability or to move your Ship in a unique way. For example, an Advanced Hyperspace Drive will allow you to move your ship through one opponent’s system this turn. Just don’t take these Technologies so lightly, since they can be used only once during the game. However, Tech Cards grant you additional points or Power, if you choose to play Dawn of Discoveries together with the other expansion, The Galactic Divide. You read that right! You can play both expansions at the same time, and you’ll gain additional bonuses when doing so.

Did we lure you into a trade you cannot refuse? That’s it for the Mechanic Spotlight for Dawn of Discoveries!

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